Recom­men­da­ti­ons on Gold Open Access
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Recom­men­da­tion 1 | Gold Open Access

Free acces­si­bi­lity to publi­ca­ti­ons at their ori­gi­nal place of publi­ca­tion is, in a long term per­spec­tive, a desi­ra­ble final state of affairs. Because of the pro­blems that are appa­rent with APC finan­ced open access, the sci­ence fun­ding orga­niza­ti­ons are cal­led on to sup­port the deve­lop­ment of fur­ther Gold Open Access busi­ness models.

Addres­sees: Fun­ding organizations

Recom­men­da­tion 2 | Gold Open Access

Mono­graphs and antho­lo­gies are import­ant publi­ca­tion media for a broad range of the social sci­en­ces and huma­nities. To obtain free access and usa­bi­lity at the ori­gi­nal place of publi­ca­tion for these as well the fun­ding orga­niza­ti­ons are cal­led on to deve­lop com­pe­ti­tive busi­ness models in coope­ra­tion with the per­ti­nent scho­larly asso­cia­ti­ons and to insti­tu­tio­na­lize respec­tive modes of financing.

Addres­sees: Fun­ding organizations

Recom­men­da­tion 3 | Gold Open Access

The mar­ket for elec­tro­nic publi­ca­ti­ons requi­res large invest­ments in a digi­tal infra­struc­ture on the part of the suppliers for pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion. Inno­va­tive gold open access busi­ness models and the emer­gence of a com­pe­ti­tive mar­ket can be sup­por­ted by public fun­ding of ‘open source’ pro­jects in order to deve­lop digi­tal publi­ca­tion infra­struc­tures (for the pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion of digi­tal publi­ca­ti­ons) which are avail­able to everyone.

Addres­sees: Sci­ence policy